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Hear No Evil was founded when I was given the opportunity to release a series of italo dance synth and makina style tunes by S.A.I.F.A.M. srl on vinyl. They were released under the series title `Dance Classics` with 21 volumes each containing 4 tracks of titles sought after mainly in the North West and North East areas of the U.K.

I then licensed two tracks from F.M.A. srl (Good 4 Us – Love and Understanding and L.A. Flowers – (You got) the star of my life) and set up my own record label <<REPLAY<< >>RECORDS>> to release the tiles on vinyl.

I was then given the exclusive opportunity to license tracks from the Discomagic catalogue by ZYX (Germany) to release on vinyl.  There are currently 8 volumes each containing 4 tracks of rare and sought after italo piano house tunes under the series title `Dance Magic` and are available to purchase on the site.  More volumes should be available soon.

Although vinyl is the preferred option for many old skool DJs the digital DJ has to either rip tunes direct from vinyl or resort to illegal file sharing to obtain the titles in digital format.

Most of the italo house releases from the late 80s and early 90s were never available in digital format and most of the digital files that are currently available are of dubious quality and are, of course, illegal.

I have now been given the exclusive opportunity by ZYX to release titles from the Discomagic catalogue in digital format and <<REPLAY<< DIGITAL is borne.  This provides an opportunity for all to own italo old skool house in a quality digital format.

More Discomagic tiles will follow soon and negotiations with other license holders are ongoing.

I have plans to include italo dance music from the years 1993 through to 1999 and italo disco from the 1980s in the near future most of which have never been available in digital format.

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Barrie Jay

Hear No Evil


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